Chameleone Denies Selling His Music To Kasiwukira

Singer Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to deny ever selling his music to Kasiwukira.

It should be noted that back in the early 2000’s Kasiwukira was one of the biggest promoters in the music industry.

A few days ago news circulated how Chameleone had sold his music catalogue to online platform Uga Tunes for a reported Shs 9B.

This saw Kasiwukira and other music promoters come out to warn musicians over selling some of their records because they own the copyrights.

Kasiwukira claimed to have bought over 7 albums of Chameleone.

Chameleone however denied ever selling his copyrights Kasiwukira and says he has all the agreements.

“I want people out there to know that music has over 10 steps. I only sold my Beyi Kali and Mambo Bado albums to Kasiwukira. Besides I sold publishing rights to him and not the copyright. He only had to put my music on tapes to sell it. If I had sold the copyright, it would mean I even don’t have the right to perform those songs on stage. People think that musicians are lazy and stupid but I still have all those agreements.” Chameleone said.

The issue of copyright is one that has dogged musicians for long.

Most of these do not earn from the sale of their music apart from holding performances.

It’s however one thing that the musicians said they discussed with General Saleh while in the Gulu caucus.

Written by Aine Siggy

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