Weasel’s mother reveals he is suffering from depression

Weasel’s mother came out yesterday in an interview with Spark TV to reveal what’s wrong with his son.

This was after tabloids and social media sites being wash with news of how Weasel beat up and left his house help a one Cyrus bedridden.

Weasel’s mother said that ever since Radio died, the Bwekiri singer has resorted to heavy drinking a thing that has affected him.

She went ahead to say that this alcohol is however stronger than his head which leads him to acts of violence.

“Ever since his singing partner died, he has resorted to heavy drinking. They have these types of alcohol called red label. It really does them so bad. The alcohol is most times volatile and makes them to do such things.” Weasel’s mother said.

This is not the first time Weasel has been implicated in acts of violence ever since Radio died.

He at one time beat up and chased his girlfriend from his Makindye Neverland home.

It was also rumored last week of how he had severely exchanged blows with fellow singer King Saha.

The Mayanja brothers are however synonymous with fighting and this is not something new about them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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