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Weasle needs rehab – Eddie Sendi

Media personality Eddie Sendi, has come out and advised Mayanja family to take their son Weasle real names Douglas Mayanja to rehab before he runs mad.

He made a statement during an interview with Spark Television.

This came after Weasle beat up his houseboy to the extent of breaking his legs and arms under the influence of alcohol.

According to Eddie Sendi, Weasle doesn’t only drink alcohol but also takes drugs like Marijuana which is going to damage his brain and finally runs mad.

“Weasle needs to be taken to rehab before he runs mad. I saw his mum saying he beat up the houseboy under the influence of alcohol but everyone should know its not only alcohol but even other drugs. If he is not helped early we might lose him” Eddie Sendie said

Eddie Sendi is not the only one who has suggested that Weasle should be taken to rehab, Kato Lubwama also came out and suggested the same saying Mayanja family should behave.

Written by Aine Siggy

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