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Weasle’s mother reveals his warebouts

Prossy Mayanja a mother to the famous Mayanja brothers Weasle, Pallaso and Chameleon has come out and revealed the wareabouts of a one Douglas Mayanja commonly known as Weasle.

This came after Weasle beat up his houseboy and disappeared confusing social media users saying he was in Kenya by the time his house boy was beat up.

However during an interview with NBS television, Prossy Mayanja said his son is in Gulu and was not in Kenya like the way he told his fans on social media. She added on that she talked to him and he is very sorry for what happened.

“Weasle is in Gulu. After he did what he did, he drove to Gulu but I am in contact with him, he is very sorry for what happened to his friend who turned into a brother, Cyrus.”

Weasle’s mother said Mayanja is ready to take on the hospital bills of Cyrus not because he was beat up by Weasel, he is now a son to the family.

She advised Weasle to reduce on the alcohol he takes because he did what he did under the influence of Alcohol.

Written by Aine Siggy

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