Lil Pazo finally apologises to Zahara Toto

Singer Mukasa Yasin commonly known as Lil Pazo has swallowed his pride and finally apologized to NBS television presenter Zahara Toto.

This came after Lil Pazo was bed ridden and Zahara Toto hit hard at him making him remember what he said about her the days he was fine.

During an interview with NBS television, Lil Pazo requested Zahara Toto to forgive him because he was set up at some point.

“I do sincerely apologise to Zahara Toto for all what happened, my “Mother” please forgive me” Lil Pazo said.

It should be noted that the two in 2019 had issues when Lil Pazo said Zahara was raped by a Zungu man for detoothing him and he went ahead to say Zahara urinates on bed at night.

Zahara Toto accepted his apology saying she forgave him long time and now they are good to go.

Written by Aine Siggy

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