NUP explains how Turkish lawyer duped them about Lumbuye’s whereabouts

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has come out to reveal how a Turkish lawyer duped them about their social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye Kajubi whereabouts.

It should be noted that ever since Lumbuye’s arrest claims by the government sprang up, his whereabouts have been anonymous since then.

NUP which at first declined to associate with him directly has in the past intensified their hunt to establish where he’s being held as they claim he’s a political and human rights activist.

Mityana Municipality Mp Francis Zaake took to his Facebook page to narrate how a Turkish lawyer duped them about Lumbuye’s whereabouts in a bid to con them of thousands of dollars.

Zaake said that he travelled to Turkey and met a lawyer who had been arranged by the NUP diaspora fans

The MP added that lawyer shared documents in Turkish with Zaake assuring him that he’s already working on the case.

This lawyer then demanded for USD 71,000 ( Ugx250M) to complete the legal process of freeing Lumbuye.

After paying the amount, the lawyer assured Zaake that they would be able to see Lumbuye and even fly him to their country of choice for asylum.

On hearing this mammoth amount, Ugandans supporting NUP and Lumbuye both in Uganda and the diaspora started fundraising to get this money.

This week saw NUP lawyer Anthony Wameli and Nkunyinji Muwadda fly to Turkey to follow up the matter.

However this lawyer Mustapha Demir declined meeting them saying they should first pay his money if he’s to do anything for them.

“Whereas the Turkish lawyer insists that Lumbuye is still in Turkey and that he (the lawyer) should first be paid to arrange access, I understand that none of the money fundraised so far has been paid to him because doing so would be imprudent in light of the situation on ground. Authoritative communication about this issue will be made by the NUP diaspora leadership in due course.” Zaake posted on his Facebook page.

NUP however remains confident that they will be able to get to the bottom of this matter.

Written by Aine Siggy

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