Pallaso blames Weasel’s violence on COVID 19

With singer Douglas Seguya Mayanja dominating the news over his recent violent behavior where he beat up his house help a one Cyrus, his brother Pallaso has come out defend him.

Pallaso said that people should not be quick to blame Weasel for his actions.

This is because COVID 19 has frustrated a lot of people.

He added that Cyrus and Weasel are like brothers who know themselves better than anyone else.

The Malamu singer however said that Cyrus had started to disrespect Weasel because he wasn’t earning as much as before.

“I think people should be careful with one another especially in these times. COVID 19 has basically made people frustrated. No one is working and the situation is not really good. Cyrus and Weasel are like brothers and know themselves better. Weasel is frustrated because he nolonger sings and Cyrus too I think started disrespecting his boss because he sees Weasel no longer works.” Pallaso said.

Weasel’s mother came out to blame the heavy drinking of alcohol as the reason to why his sons are the way they are.

Written by Aine Siggy

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