Toroma County MP shares side chick’s nude photos

Toroma County Member of Parliament, Andrew Joseph Koluo is said to have shared nude photos of his side chick in a prominent WhatsApp group.

The information was revealed by a certain local website known as ‘The Panther’.

According to that website, the incident happened on Friday 13th August night and it is believed that the Teso legislator was arousing himself from the nude photos in his phone gallery before the excitement took toll on him and he accidentally posted the photos on a prominent political WhatsApp group in Teso.

The local website revealed that the act left MP totally embarrassed to the extent that he turned shame into angry and started threatening those who are sharing screenshots of his ugly post.

“My account was hacked yesterday and someone posted nude pictures and not me.I have reported the matter to the relevant authorities and should you continue forwarding the same you do it at your own peril. Thanks,” Koluo posted this morning before deleting his shameful photos.

Written by Aine Siggy

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