Ykee Benda pleads with President Museveni to buy his Kirabo album

Mpaka records singer Ykee Benda released his beautifully crafted Kirabo album a few days ago.

The album is already trending and features a number of great songs and artistes.

The “Onabayo” singer has received fair reviews from his fan base about the album.

This album is expected to continue skyrocketing in sales and this is what the singer too expects.

He’s however come out to call upon the son of Kaguta to buy a copy of the album too for his listening pleasure.

Ykee Benda took to his Twitter page to call upon President Museveni to buy a copy at Shs 35M.

Daddy Dante said the President told them to reinvent themselves and since he’s followed his advice, the President should then support his hustle.

” Your Excellency Kaguta Museveni ….I want you to buy one copy of my album Kirabo
You told us to re-invent ourselves and
I have set up a platform where my fans can buy music using Mobile Money.
I can’t thank them enough.
Your copy is just 35m
Thank you in Advance.” Ykee Benda tweeted.

President Museveni told musicians to look for ways on how to survive other than stage performances due to the pandemic.

Majority musicians have resorted to online music sales and virtual performances.

Written by Aine Siggy

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