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Bobi Wine disappointed in President Museveni’s speech, calls him liar and hypocrite

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine has showed his disappointment in Saturday’s President Museveni’s speech about the security and human rights saying he is a liar and a hypocrite.

Bobi Wine made this statement is not his social media platforms.

In the speech, President Museveni condemned the act of security personnels beating up innocent Ugandans while enforcing SOPs, brutalizing suspects in prisons, and he went ahead to condemn the act of police shooting bullets aimlessly claiming the lives of Ugandans.

However, according to Bobi Wine, President Museveni is the person that has been behind all these acts but because he saw friends the President of Sudan Omar Bashir in prison it’s when he has come condemn the acts hoping to save him.

“Isn’t it unfortunate that we have such a hypocrite in charge of our country? How can he even speak blatant lies with a straight face? I can imagine how the victims of his brutality feel as they watch him shamelessly spew out lies, completely unconcerned about their plight. To you all victims of torture, illegal detentions and abductions, I can assure you that there will be a day of justice. And yes, there will be justice for all who have been assassinated and murdered in cold blood by his regime of blood. Today he is speaking like an opposition leader against his own regime because of the pressure all of you have mounted against his murderous regime. He knows what awaits him; seeing his friend Omar Bashir in the ICC waiting lounge! Nothing, absolutely nothing will save him from the fate of all despots, past and present!” Bobi Wine posted.

It should be noted that Bobi Wine’s supporters are some of the victims to face rough treats from Security and some even lost their lives.

President Museveni promised Ugandans a peaceful situation as he is going to deal with security that mistreats them

Written by Aine Siggy

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