Catherine Kusasira’s big butt is the reason she’s hated in NRM- Wisdom Kaye

Wow, your bodily natural assets can really upset dignified people to eternally hate you.

This is the reason why singer Catherine Kusasira is hated in NRM according to Wisdom Kaye.

A few days ago the singer narrated how she’s going to stand for the parliamentary seat in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) on an NRM ticket.

She however expressed worry in the party she plans to stand in on whether she will be voted.

Kusasira said that NRM is full of bad hearted people who don’t like her.

Kaye wondered who then will vote her saying that it’s true the party is full of bad intentioned people who don’t like seeing new comers progress.

He added that Kusasira was indeed liked by the President who would even send her to burials and other ceremonies to represent him.

He added that it could have been Kusasira’s fame, beauty and big butt that made her to be disliked.

“NRM is full of bad hearted people. They don’t like seeing new people progress. Kusasira was liked by the President and he always sent her to represent him. You know she’s beautiful with a big butt, that could have also rubbed some people the wrong way.” Wisdom said.

Many people have come out to accuse the party of being influenced by bad minded people.

However Kusasira’s credentials are also doubted by many people although she claims to have everything it takes to get to the EALA.

Written by Aine Siggy

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