Frank Gasbumba wonders if Rick man is the right man for her daughter

It’s not a secret anymore that city media personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba is dating rapper Rick man Rick.

She has in the past littered social media with some of their intimate photos.

One can arguably think that she’s having the best time of her life but this doesn’t seem the case with her father, Frank Gashumba.

As Sheila is known for pampering her men, she took an erotic pic of her and the Bango singer in which she called him the sexiest man in Kampala.

This prompted her father to question her in a tweet whether she’s sure he’s the one.

Sheila has in the past fallen for the wrong men who end up chewing and dumping her with the last being God’s plan.

The diva was so much in love with the UK ex con but it ended in tears.

Sheila however moved on so quickly into another relationship.

This even forced her social media users to remind her that the way she’s pampering Rickman was the same way she did with God’s plan.

They told her it will therefore end in tears.

Written by Aine Siggy

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