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Kluthum opens up on how she met and got married to late Sheikh Muzaata

The late Sheik Nuhu Muzaata’s widow Kluthum Muzaata has opened up on how she met and got married to Sheikh.

She opened up during an interview with NBS television, Mwasuze mutya show.

Kluthum Nabunya Muzaata said she met Sheikh Muzaata in her O level classes, the two fell in love and started dating for one year

In her A level, Sheikh Muzaata decided to marry her at that young age and promised to take on all the responsibilities and school fees inclusive which he did without any hesitations.

“I met Sheikh Muzaata in my O level classes and I was 17years of age, we dated for only one year when I turned 18 in my A level Sheikh decided to marry me and he promised my parents that he will take care of me and also pay my school fees.” Kluthum said.

Kluthum said after their marriage, Sheikh Muzaata told her to change school to avoid rumors from fellow students calling her a married woman in school.

Dr. Kluthum said Sheikh Muzaata never disappointed her up to his death because he fulfilled all the promises he made when marrying her and on top of that he always made sure to she is happy and living the best life despite the misunderstandings the two had.

Written by Aine Siggy

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