KFm’s Doreen Nasasira reveals she cooks while naked

Isn’t it really a crazy fantasy when a person in the limelight comes out to show the naughty side of their lifestyles.

Trying to shed off that serious skin we all know is what makes people bond more with their favorite celebrities.

And as such, Kfm’s presenter Doreen Nasasira went crazy on her Twitter page asking her followers if they have ever cooked while naked.

She went ahead to reveal that she usually does prepare her meals in Eve’s suit.

We don’t really know what she was thinking about, but surely thinking about the bummy presenter doing what she said is one of the craziest thoughts of the technological era.

Maybe making a telescope and camping around her place should be thought about.

This prompted all of the craziest replies with some of the ladies agreeing that they do cook while naked especially on weekends.

The males had to question whether the food these ladies prepare is good for human consumption.

Written by Aine Siggy

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