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The late Sheikh Muzaata’s family fights takes a new twist

The family of the late Nuhu Sheikh Muzaata’s fights have taken a new twist as his wives fight for the properties he left.

This last happened last year in 2020 immediately after his burial although things look to have been sorted.

Over the weekend, a new fight broke between Kluthum and her co-wife Hajjati Bugilita as the two failed to come to an understanding of who will take what.

However, Kluthum said she has no problem with sharing as Hajjati Bugilita said she doesn’t want to share with Kluthum because by the time Sheikh died Kluthum was no longer his wife.

“Me as Kluthum a wife to Sheikh Muzaata I would like both of our children to share equally because that’s what the sharia law says but not Bugilita to share on the property. Sheikh Muzaata never told me she was his wife.” Kluthum said.

“I was the wife to Sheikh Muzaata and all the properties he left I have a hand in them because I worked hard with him to buy those properties. I don’t know Kluthum, she is a prostitute she doesn’t need to share the property of Sheikh.” Hajjati Bugilita said.

Although Kluthum had taken the matter to police, the Muslim Fraternity promised to solve the matter so that everyone can get satisfied with what they will be given.

Written by Aine Siggy

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