Celebrities who got pregnant in the lockdown

The previous lockdown saw many couples spend lots of time together idle at home.

The only thing available to these was the TV and then themselves which resulted into coitus.

By the end of 9 months gestation period, some couples in the limelight are going to be harvesting the fruits of their hard work under the sheets.

So below we take a look at some of the celebrities who are rumored to have been ballooned in the lockdown and are craving raw mangoes and clay soil.


Ever since she officially got married to her dream man Dr Hamza Ssebunya, demands from social media in-laws have been high demanding for a baby.

These even took to attacking Hamza saying he can’t shoot direct in the net.

The couple however made sure to first enjoy life to the fullest before they add another to their family ranks.

Finally the gynecologist managed to make the Musawo singer crave for raw mangoes and anytime she will be popping her second tot.


The singer is already a mother to one beautiful daughter from her previous relationship.

Cindy had always maintained that she wouldn’t give birth for her current man Joel Prynce unless he put a ring on it.

A few months ago, the actor made things with the Ayokya yokya singer and she also decided to open up her paradise to him.

Although Cindy denies the pregnancy, it’s said she was ballooned from the numerous romping sessions with her prince charming.

Nalongo Maggie

She’s married to dancehall singer Rabadaba after making their relationship official a few months ago.

The two dominated the news for some weeks over their relationship with people suggesting it was the Mukyamu singer who got married.

It was rumored that Maggie was pregnant for the singer reason they hastened the wedding.

And indeed Maggie is expecting a child together with the singer.

Prima Kardashi

Prima was married to singer Geosteady but broke up bitterly some time back.

The two both moved into different relationships but bitter words have continued to be exchanged especially from the singers side.

Prima is currently dating Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie and it’s rumored they are soon making things official.

The mother of Geosteady’s two children is however said to be two weeks pregnant reason why Geosteady is rumored to be hurt.

Buchaman’s wife /Mama Ghetto

She’s said to be 6 months pregnant and about to add another ghetto resident.

The self proclaimed ghetto president also has a number of children from numerous women

Sasha Brighton

It was rumored that she had miscarriaged her soon to be child with Herbert Shonga.

However Zahara Toto while appearing on NBS Uncut Kalakata show said that she’s doing fine and craving raw mangoes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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