God has already shown me the people to attend my wedding with Susan Makula- Pastor Bugingo

It’s been a few years since Pastor Bugingo miraculously deserted his legal wife who had been with him since the 90’s for a new sexy Salt Media presenter Susan Makula.

The two bitterly broke up and wrangles started emerging with either camp wanting to take control of the properties.

Bugingo was criticized by a number of people among them his congregants.

The controversial pastor nevertheless didn’t back down.

In one of his sermons, he announced how he will soon make the dates of the wedding with his girlfriend public.

Bugingo further said in one of his sermons that he already knows who is going to attend his wedding.

The HPMI pastor added that the list of those to attend is already sorted in his head because he knows they are the ones with the presents he needs.

“My wedding with Susan Makula will be soon and I will let you know when. I even already know the qualified persons to attend. These are the ones with the gifts I need. I will however let them know when the time is right.” Bugingo said.

Despite religious scriptures saying that man shall not leave his legal wife married in the eyes of God, Bugingo defied this saying that people should not stick to where they are not happy.

This attracted criticism from fellow pastor Martin Ssempa who labeled Bugingo as just promoting fornication.

He advised him to go back his legal wife lest he ends up like Judith Babirye.

Written by Aine Siggy

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