Cindy Finally Confirms Her Pregnancy

Songstress Cinderella Sanyu finally came out to confirm her pregnancy with hubby Prynce Joel Okuyo while appearing in an interview with Spark TV.

For long now, it has been rumored that the Ayokya yokya singer is pregnant but there was no confirmation.

She herself has been shying away from the topic but it’s come to a point when she can’t hide it anymore.

Cindy was questioned on why her dressing has changed to long dresses and she said it’s because of her 5 months pregnancy.

The UMA president added that she will be taking a musical break in case performances are okayed now to concentrate on family.

She went ahead to say that however her baby should not be discussed as a national issue but a personal one.

The singer was asked about the gender of the incoming baby to which she replied that she wants it as surprise too to her.

“Yes I’m pregnant and I won’t be hitting stage anytime now but I will bounce back stronger. However attention should be put to my other works like UMA and not my baby because it’s personal. I haven’t gone to check the gender because I want it to be a surprise to me too.” Cindy said.

Cindy and her man made things official a few months ago this year.

She had always reiterated that she wouldn’t give him a child unless he made things legal.

This was the reason she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Italian Mario Brunette who wasn’t ready for commitment.

This will be Cindy’s second child after her daughter she shares with Mario.

Written by Aine Siggy

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