Blogger Isma Olaxees tells Sheikh Muzaata’s widow to go to the village and start up a shop

As wrangles over the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s property rage on between his family members especially his two widows, Kuluthum and Hajjat Bujirita, blogger Isma Olaaxes has advised the later to go to the village and start up a shop.

Isma said that Hajjat Bujirita should leave Kuluthum in the sheikh’s marital home and go to the village.

“Let Kuluthum be in her marital home and raise the children of the late sheikh. Hajjati should go to the village and start a shop.” Isma said while appearing on Sanyuka TV.

It should be recalled that the two women appeared on TV accusing each other of all sorts of things.

Kuluthum said that her co-wife’s camp we’re trying to steal the late Sheikh’s car.

Hajjati Bujilita on the other hand said that even the house Kuluthum was fighting for was not even built by Muzaata but through her sweat.

There were however reports that Kuluthum and Isma were seeing each other.

Kuluthum herself said that she likes Isma because he’s always there for her when needed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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