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Crysto Panda hits back at Mun G

NTV television presenter,Kityamuweesi Herbert commonly known as Crysto Panda has hit back at his fellow artist Mun G.

This came after Mun G said he doesn’t know Crysto Panda as an artist but rather as a television presenter.

Crysto Panda who had an interview with NBS television said he is disappointed by how big artists put down the upcoming artists, that have tried to penetrate through the industry.

Crysto Panda went ahead and requested Mun G to stop putting him down and also other young artists.

“I don’t know why Mun G said that he doesn’t know me as an artist but rather a TV presenter, I am much disappointed by these big artists on the way they treat us the upcoming artists instead of giving us a shoulder to lean on so that we make it in life.” Crysto Panda said.

‘Kyoyina omanya’ hit maker said Mun G inspired him to join the industry and he will still support him no matter the words he talks about him.

Crysto Panda broke through the music industry in 2020 with ‘kyoyina omanya’ remix with Queen Sheebah.

Written by Aine Siggy

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