Lwasa tells it all about his wife Angel

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa came out yesterday in a local TV interview to tell it all about his wife Kwakunda Angel.

The Masaka tycoon is known for not shying away from his private life and usually bears it all for the camera.

Lwasa was questioned about the Afghan refugees who are soon coming into the country.

Lwasa was asked if he will find himself an Afghan woman.

He said that he’s not interested in them because his wife made him satisfied and contented.

Therefore he nolonger has the time to run after every skirt.

“Angel made me get fed up of those things. She has everything I have ever wanted in a woman and I’m therefore satisfied with her.” Lwasa said.

He added that if he was interested in these women, he could have flown to find them in Afghanistan.

A meme was earlier created depicting
Uganda’s sharpshooters welcoming the Afghan women to the Pearl.

These included blogger Isma Olaxees, musician daddy Andre, pastor Peter Ssematimba and Lwasa.

Lwasa however said that it’s just the media trying to pin such baseless assumptions on him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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