Stella Nyanzi inducts President Museveni in Icelandic S€x museum

If there’s any language former Makerere University don Stella Nyanzi understands best, then it’s language that involves sexualization of everything around her.

Whether Nyanzi likes you or not, she will always find a way to intone you into a sexual to object or phrase.

The latest through her Facebook page was against the Ugandan head of State president Museveni.

Stella Nyanzi who is in Iceland said that she went to the Icelandic Phallological Museum where she shamelessly attacked Mr Museveni.

She added that she drew tiny and big manhoods in the museum and wrote obscenities attacking the President under the small manhood.

Stella Nyanzi described this museum as one with the largest collection of all sorts of man hoods in the world.

She further said that there are big, tiny, straight, bent, curling, real, mythical, animal and human manhoods in this museum.

She also told of how she saw a manhood belonging to am elderly man who had died.

Stella told of how she also saw manhoods of men who are still alive and these wrote letters to the museum donating them to the place in case they died.

Nyanzi whose expertise lies in the sexual studies added that there were all sorts of representation of manhoods.

“There were all sorts of symbolic representations of manhoods. These came in a range of materials ranging from wood, stone, plastic, rubber, different materials, cloth glass, and every other material imaginable. Some were dried in alcohol, painted, photographed, filmed, digitally narrated about on touch screens all over the museum.” Stella Nyanzi posted on her Facebook page.

She concluded that there was an even white board where visitors are invited to be bold and write or draw a photo about the male private parts.

It was here that she attacked the son of Kaguta with some big words and she added that she felt hugely empowered writing this obscenity.

She concluded that she’s focussed on writing Gen Museveni out of Uganda and since she’s in Iceland no one will arrest or sue her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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