Bad Black attacks Snapchat users

Faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa has come out to attack and advise Snapchat users who want to please the masses.

Bad Black while appearing in an Instagram video said that people should stop living to please the masses and their followers.

She added that there are the types of people who like clinging on others to go everywhere just to eat and post pictures of them eating food.

Bad Black told these that food and impatience will lead them to their own grave after they are given poison.

“But you people why don’t you be patient? Why don’t you work for your own money and take yourself out. You cling on everyone to go to happening places just to take and post Snapchat pics where you don’t even have over 1k followers. Snapchat is just their to drain your bank account.” Bad Black said.

She added that when she goes to bars or any outside place, she doesn’t take any food or drink that is not sealed.

She further said that unless it’s her boyfriend Asha to give her poison, she can’t eat it out because she minds the people out there.

Written by Aine Siggy

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