Maddox Knocks Bedridden Jose Chameleone

Maddox has once again come out to attack Jose Chameleone’s legendary status claims.

The “Nakatudde” singer while appearing on Spark TV said people should stop misusing words.

He said that to him Chameleone is not a legend but rather a veteran musician.

Maddox added that for one to be dubbed a living legend, their deeds should speak for themselves.

“Chameleone is my good friend who I respect but I don’t count him as a legend. I call him a veteran musician who has provided a ladder for others to climb.” Maddox said.

He further said that Chameleone calling himself one doesn’t make him one.

Maddox in 2019 also said that the “Valu valu” singer wasn’t a living legend but rather him (Maddox) was.

He gave the reason of the longevity of his music as the reason to why.

Chameleone fired back by saying Maddox was reasoning like a baby who should be a book and pen to start writing living legends of that’s what makes him happy.

Chameleone on the other hand has countless showed his admiration for Maddox’s music and counts him among his favorite musicians.

Written by Aine Siggy

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