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Vivian Tendo ventures into furniture business

Singer Vivian Tendo has ventured into furniture business after music looking to be with no future at the moment.

She talked about her business through an interview with Spark television.

Vivian Tendo said she has joined the furniture business not because she doesn’t love music but she wants money to look after herself and do more music.

Vivian said she has passion for music and she is not thinking of quitting music even after her business gets very successful.

“I am now into furniture business, making chairs, bed, tables and more modern things because music was paused yet I need money to look after myself and family. I am not quitting music because its my passion but I am doing a side business to support my music.” Vivian Tendo said.

Vivian Tendo is one of the few young artists that had broke through the music industry when Covid19 hit the world and concerts were locked down.

Vivian Tendo however said she has hopes that they will be free soon and she will become a star she always wanted to be.

Written by Aine Siggy

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