Bad Black Exposes Ritah Kaggwa’s House

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa came out yesterday on Spark TV to expose her eternal enemy social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa.

This was after news circulated yesterday of how Ritah had finished constructing a Shs 1B mansion.

However according to Bad Black, Ritah is too broke to afford building such a house because even her husband is a plumber that goes around cleaning toilets.

Bad Black who was referring to Ritah Kaggwa as a zombie said that the house she’s posing around with belongs to Nigerian actress Solomon Olayinka.

Ritah Kaggwa’s new house
Solomon Olayinka’s house which Bad Black claims Ritha used

She further warned Rita that she will be jailed for impersonation.

And as an ex-con, she knows what’s there and therefore Ritah should stop calling herself what she’s not

“Zombie I know you very well, the way you like showing off, that house could not have been completed without you showing us some construction pictures. That house was edited and belongs to Nigerian actress Solomon Olayinka. Stop impersonation because it will get you arrested.” Bad Black said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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