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Pastor Bugingo blasts Ssenyonga for throwing a big party to his son with unpaid TV workers

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has attacked fellow Pastor Ssengonyo for throwing a big party to his son yet his television and radio workers have spent a year without being paid.

This came after Pastor Ssenyonga’s son Joshua wedded his long time girlfriend in multi million party that is said to be funded by his father.

According to Pastor Bugingo, Pastor Ssenyonga doesn’t have mercy. He wondered how he does a big party yet other people working for him are really suffering.

“My wife Suzan Makula and I sat down and discussed, we saw a paper showing a pastor who owns a TV and Radio and he doesn’t pay employees and we asked ourselves why people don’t have Mercy!!! you use someone for over a year when they have to dress smartly to appear on your TV without paying them yet you are organizing luxurious parties for your son and family? You don’t pay workers yet you have to live a Christian Life !!we even wondered how someone who has to live a Christian Life turned to live a devil life, all people know you as a thief but you You use Christian Life even on your Sign Post, change the words on your Sign Post so that people get to know you are a thief, you celebrate whenever a pastor dies yet in actual sense you should be the one to die but what I know thieves and bad people live longer , God gives them a chance so that they can change.” Pastor Bugingo said.

The two have been having issues for quite a long time and they never speak good about each other.

Written by Aine Siggy

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