Video: Ugandan doctor claims onions cure HIV

Ugandan herbal doctor Dr David Ssali a few days ago shocked the entire country when he announced that onions cure HIV.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV, the often controversial doctor through his prescriptions said that there was a young friend of his in China who used this prescription and got cured.

“I had a young man in China who called and told me they were going to be tested and if found positive, they would be deported. He asked me for advice and I told him to blend 5 onions every hour and drink them. By the time of testing he was cured. He asked me what to bring for me from China and I told him anything he sees befitting me.” Dr David Ssali said.

He received some backlash from the social media users saying this is misleading while others agreed with him that food is indeed medicine for every disease.

However edibles rich in vitamin C such as citrous fruits and others like garlic, beetroot, onions have been reported to be great in lowering the effects of HIV.

If they cure HIV, it’s highly debatable and scientifically unproven.

Written by Aine Siggy

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