Isma Oalaxess gives reasons why Sammy will suffer in his marriage

Social media blogger Isma Oalaxess has gave out reasons why comedian Sammy of The Mighty family will suffer in his marriage.

This came after Sammy married an old woman based in the United States of America last week.

According to Isma Oalaxess, Sammy is not going to be a husband in his marriage because he didn’t marry but rather got married.

Oalaxess said a man who leaves his home country and shows off wedding photos means he has officially become a houseboy. He added on that Sammy is not educated that he will get a job so easy and that’s the reason he will suffer in the marriage as he will be taken as a puppet.

“Sammy will suffer in his recent marriage with a U.S based sugar mummy because he will be taken as a houseboy and a puppet. He didn’t marry but rather he was married which is not okay in the African culture. Secondly he is a poor man who is not highly educated that he will get a job easily. The only job he will do is a housework.” Isma Oalaxess said during an interview with Sanyuka television.

However, it should be noted that Sammy is not bothered at all. He said age is just a number and he promised to love his old woman forever.

It is alleged that Sammy left his young baby mama and opted for a rich sugar mummy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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