Kyeyo Police Officer Pius Nuwagaba speaks about Leaked Nude Video

As Ugandans were still in shock over Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa’s nude videos which showed his absent manhood, a former Uganda police officer by the names of Pius Nuwagaba came into the race.

Nuwagaba who is now abroad on Kyeyo showed why he was feared in Ibanda for always carrying a baton both in his hands and trousers.

The video shows Nuwagaba enticingly calling his girlfriend virtually to come into the shower and join him.

As he showers, his Lwasa like baby soon starts to turn into the Amazon anaconda.

He has however come out to defend his girlfriend who leaked the tape.

Nuwagaba said that his girlfriend accidentally shared the video on her status.

She was actually sending it to him. Despite her attempts to clean it off her WhatsApp status, it had already been saved by some people hence spreading it.

At first it was alleged that his girlfriend leakead it intentionally but he said that she even fainted after learning what had happened.

Nuwagaba also said that he and his girlfriend love themselves so much adding that she contributed Shs 2.5M to process his papers abroad.

Nuwagaba’s wire and dance steps however left some social media slay queens yearning for some of the brutality from Uganda police officers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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