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Video: Cafe Javas served me a milkshake with a dead rat- woman alleges

Social media was thrown into shock yesterday after a woman by the Facebook names of Bintu Gassama alleged that she was served a milkshake containing a dead rat.

Gassama said that she went with her husband to Cafe Javas at Kisementi near Acacia Mall for lunch.

After the meal they ordered for milkshake takeaways and drove off to Kigo Entebbe.

She took her milkshake while the husband took half of his before saying that he was satisfied.

Gassama then took on the husband’s milkshake but got the shock of her life.

“I asked him to give me the rest to take and as I was taking my last drops,I realized there was something dark and hard at the bottom of the cup. When I tried scooping it out with the straw, I got the shock of my life only to discover that it was a dead rat.” Gassama posted on her Facebook page.

She went ahead to say that she started vomiting into a polythene bag which she usually walks with before developing immense tensilites.

They decided to drive back but found the branch already closed and despite the calls on their way, they went unanswered.

They only responded to her Facebook messages the following day.

She said that they however went to a nearby police station to record a statement but were told to come back the next day.

However going back to the cafe Javas branches, they were told that there is no way the rat came from the CJ’s kitchen.

They were told it could have come from their car instead.

She however wondered how a rat could jump from the car and enter the drinks they were holding in their hands.

However most social media users doubted her submission saying that she’s only looking for relevance.

Written by Aine Siggy

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