Another customer makes another shocking revelation about Cafe Javas services

Social media has been awash with the story of how Cafe Javas served a customer and her husband a milkshake with a dead rat.

The social media user by the names of Bintu Gassama alleged and even showed a video of cup containing a dead rat at the bottom.

Few however believed her story and accused her of trying to hold the outlet at a random which Cafe Javas also alleged.

The Cafe yesterday released a statement refuting the rumors saying this is aimed at tarnishing their reputation.

However another customer shockingly commented on one of the posts concerning this story saying she was served human teeth with her friends.

Kirabo Neema Lulu as her names state in Facebook comment said that they found human teeth at the bottom of the cup so the rat story didn’t surprise her at all.

It’s not known whether these stories are being brought up to burn Cafe Javas down or if they are real.

Maybe a benefit of doubt should be given.

Written by Aine Siggy

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