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10 reasons why Ugandan young boys run to Sugar Mummies

Of recent Ugandan young boys have resorted to running to rich sugar mummies and busy bragging about it.

This is always seen in celebrities but it said that its more common in the usual people.

Yesterday’s talk on NBS Television show about sugar mummies gave most reasons why these young boys run to sugar mummies. Gulix as one of the panelists and a known sugar mummy gave her reasons why young boys come to them.

And comedian Sammy of the Mighty family also gave his reasons why he is married to a UK based sugar mummy.

According to Gulix and Sammy, here are the most ten reasons why young boys run to Sugar mummies.

  1. Ugandan young boys no longer want to work hand and hustle, they want to find already made things only and that’s why they opt for sugar mummies.
  2. Sugar mummies give these young boys a peace of mind because they have seen it all what they want now is good sex
  3. Sugar mummies have love, respect and care to these young boys and that why they opt for them.
  4. Ugandan young boys want fancy things and are tired of staying in Uganda that’s why they opt for sugar mummies so that they can move abroad and gave good life.
  5. Sugar mummies are understanding the fact that they are mature enough and the young boys need understanding women.
  6. Young boys need women who think for them tats why they run to sugar mummies of recent.
  7. Young boys are always tired of life and relationships and the only thing they need is what next in their life that’s why they run to sugar mummies.
  8. It is believed that these old women have extra love and that’s the reason to why young boys run to sugar mummies.

In Uganda, many young boys have been seen with older women like Asha a young boy of 24 years with Bad Black a 33 year old woman and Sammy of 27 years with an old woman of above 40 years.

Written by Aine Siggy

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