Bobi Wine tells Apass he looks like a kangaroo

The goat musician Apass seems like he’s no longer the goat but rather a kangaroo now.

Lucky for him all these names have been given to him by legendary singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.

Maybe the Wuyo singer ha something common with animals.

Over the weekend some musicians took to Bobi Wine’s home for a get together.

Among the pictures that were taken, there is one of Apass that is trending which has even become a meme.

The singer noticed and captioned it on his Facebook page saying Ugandans joke a lot.

“You people have made me a meme bit it’s ok. The whole of Uncle Jumia. You have dissed me so much.” The funny singer posted on his Facebook page.

Among the comments was Bobi Wine’s who told him that that the pic made him look kinda like a kangaroo.

“You kinda looked like a kangaroo. Let me run away from here before they throw a bottle at me. You know they are so angry.” Bobi wine hilariously commented.

Written by Aine Siggy

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