I’m not the one who is going to bring about change in this country- Bobi Wine says

Well if you thought that singer turned politician Bobi Wine was the messiah you have all been waiting for in Ugandan politics, you had better think twice.

While appearing in a local TV interview, the former Mp said that he’s just a prophet to awaken the people to use their power and fight for their rights.

Bobi Wine was questioned on what he thinks of the allegations that he’s the reason tough measures have been instituted on the music industry.

The former presidential candidate said that he’s not the entire music industry but just a signal.

“Well I’m not the whole music industry but I’m a signal that has shown people and artists have the power to use it and achieve their rights. The government is just suffocating the industry because they are afraid another one like me can come up and disturb their comfort.” Bobi wine said.

He went ahead to quote the legendary 2pac who once said that “I cannot cause the change u want singlehandedly but I guarantee you that I can spark it.”

He made the remarks during a retreat of a number of musicians who had camped at his home in Magere Kasangati.

Written by Aine Siggy

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