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Top 10 Ugandan celebrities who have been Confirmed/linked to homosexuality

Entertainment centres in the whole world have seen a tremendous rise in the number of LGBTQI coming out over the past few years.

Others have been linked to the rainbow and globally Lil Nas X, Sam Smith, Elton John are some of the most popular gay entertainers.

In Uganda, the case is no different and we take a look at some of the entertainers who have been linked to gay rumors or even confirmed.

Rhoda K

She was a struggling singer before she left the country to the UK where she lives.

One of her last popular songs was a gospel one titled “I need a miracle” featuring Pastor Bugembe.

Maybe she got her miracle after finding herself a new lover in a Zungu woman.

Not sure who the woman and man is between them. She’s confirmed.

Afande Kelekele

Real names George Mulindwa, he was one of the shocking revelations.

The comedian came out about a year and a half to confirm that he’s indeed gay and subsequently fled to the UK where he’s serving it out.

It was somehow rumored that he was targeting a UK Visa but a gay association in the UK confirmed that he was indeed one of them.


Julie Mutesasira

A wife to a pastor and mother to two beautiful kids, she deserted her family and fled to have herself harvested by a fellow woman.

Mutesasira who broke into the scene in the early 2011’s with some beautiful gospel music was in Canada leaving with a fellow woman and even photos of the two being wed emerged online.

She was seen as the man in the relationship.

Don’t know how she was harvesting but well yeah she’s a confirmed one.

Another one who was rumored to be targeting Canadian citizenship.

Big Eye

These were just rumors because of his affiliation to Big Talent.

Rumor had it that he was Kenzo’s sexy mama but his unending appetite for the dicot and monocot has shown that he’s straight.

Just rumors.


One of the budding musicians in the early 2011’s, Keko had a whole bright future ahead of her.

Her privacy however took most of the headlines than the music.

Resorted to drugs and licking the lollipop thus vanishing away from the music scene.

Last seen in the US having drowned in drugs and drowning under fellow women took a toll on her.

Sheebah Karungi

The rumor was substantiated in the early 2011’s due to her closeness with female faded rapper Keko.

The two were so close and it was rumored that Keko was Sheebah’s boyfriend (female though).

The two fell out and rumors further suggested that Keko was furious with the Queen Karma for serving out her Kandahar to the minglers.

Up to now the TNS singer is still single despite her mid 30’s and no man has been rumored or is known to be chewing her.

Some of her followers constantly throw the accusations at her.

Rumored not confirmed.

Denzel Mwiyeretsi

The Xfm presenter went into the books because of his sense of fashion.

He’s however a ladies man.

Just rumors.

Grenade Official

A few years ago, a voice recording belonging to Nalongo Maggie who was then Grenade’s lover surfaced on the internet.

Maggie alleged how Grenade had told him that he was sodomised by TNS manager Jeff Kiwa.

She added that Grenade told her how while he was in Dubai, he got sexually involved with Eddy Kenzo and Tanzanian singer Harmonize in unnatural sexual acts.

The Nkuloga singer is however a known skirt terrorizer and therefore the rumors are doubtable .

However it’s an accusation that is constantly thrown at him.

Just rumors.

Eddy Kenzo

Perhaps the celebrity who has had to deal with this rumor for the longest and something he will always live with.

Part of the theory originated from his clothing especially due to skinny jeans which were a new phenomenon in the early 2011’s.

Kenzo achieved tremendous success that few people expected a humble boy from a poor background to get.

When he won the BET award, the rumor circulated the more saying he didn’t deserve it but his gay funders made it possible.

He’s however a Moslem and has kids and a girlfriend after his breakup with Rema.

However, being gay or lesbian does not mean you can’t indulge with another gender.

Some could be bisexual or camflage in straight relationships just to hide their footsteps.

Written by Aine Siggy

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