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Kasuku unhappy with Ministry of Education’s plan on re-opening schools

Media personality Katende Isaac commonly known as Kasuku live has revealed how he is unhappy with the Ministry of Education on its plans on re-opening of schools.

This came after it was said that schools are going to re-open in two weeks time.

According to Kasuku, government has not given a clear plan to parents on how they will re-open schools and parents will sheepishly take children to school like they did last time and in less than a month another wave of covid19 will hit, children will be brought back home.

Kasuku said parents are tired of spending money paying school fees yet their children are not studying.

“I don’t think government has a clear plan about re-opening schools. Now you will see parents just taking their children to schools, paying all the fees and in less than a month another wave of covid19 will hit and children will be sent back home. I don’t think its right and as a parent I want the Ministry of Education to tell us every detail about re-opening schools.” Kasuku said

Out spoken Kasuku said if the government is not clear about re-opening schools he will not take his children back to school until next year.

Written by Aine Siggy

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