Twitter war breaks out between coworkers Simon Kaggwa Njala and Canary Mugume

Twitter seems to be up in arms as sons from the same “mother” (NBS) Canary Mugume and Simon Kaggwa Njala are up in arms against each other.

The war erupted after NBS TV Morning Breeze program Simon Kaggwa Njala posted some pics after visiting Kawempe North medical center being built by Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya.

Kaggwa Njala said that he was well received and shown around.

Among the pics taken, there was one outside the hospital which showed the dirty littered environment with polythene bags.

Canary took to his Twitter and said that maybe Kaggwa Njala should also tell them what he saw in the hospital.

Simon however replied Canary that he would take him to the hospital to find out himself once he fell sick.

Canary however replied by saying that he doesn’t want or welcome his co-workers charity. Meanwhile their followers has already taken up sides.

Written by Aine Siggy

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