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OS Suna will not win the battle against Next media – Kasuku

Media personality Katende Isaac commonly known as Kasuku has revealed that OS Suna will not win a battle against Next.

This came after OS Suna held a press conference and told the world that he has sued Next media, Sanyuka Television in particular for allowing their workers Kayz and Marko to speak ill about him and his family.

According to Kasuku, OS Suna should know he is in showbiz and there is no way he comes out to say he is going to sue Next media. He said he is sure OS Suna will not win this battle unless he has a lot of money.

“I am sure OS Suna will not win this battle against next media because he should know this is showbiz. If he is sure the house he built is his, he should come out and show us the papers rather than going to court for these simple issues.” Kasuku said.

Kasuku said OS Suna should calm down because he knows he is who he is because of the media and he needs media more than they need him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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