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VIDEO: OS Suna breaks down over media trolls during press conference

Singer Omulangila Suna has broken down over media trolls during a press conference.

This happened yesterday 2nd September 2021 as he was suing next media and Sanyuka television in particular for speaking false things about him and his family.

Suna who was with his lawyers and a few journalists said he will not forgive Next media for the words their workers spoke about him, calling him a witch, saying he got married to a sugar mummy until they bring proof about what they said.

Crying OS Suna said he has been quiet but this looks to be too much and the fact that his children are growing, he will have to answer questions over stupid and false things Sanyuka Television said about him.

“I am not going to forgive Next media, Sanyuka Television and its workers who said I am a witch and married to a sugar mummy. I want them to bring proof on what they said. I am an older man with old children, how will I answer questions to my children and grand children on the stupid and false things spoke about me?” OS Suna said.

Suna said he is going to face Next Media eye to eye until other media platforms and social media bloggers learn from them.

According to Os Suna he wants Next media to pay him money not less than one billion Ugandan shillings and on top of that the show should be scrapped off and its hosts punished.

Written by Aine Siggy

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