Lil Pazzo suspects poisoning for his closeness to Bobi Wine

Local singer Lil Pazzo while talking to Simba Radio’s Wolokoso program speculated that he could have been poisoned due to his closeness to NUP president Bobi Wine.

The singer has been battling stomach ulcers for some time now that almost claimed his life.

The Genda ogule emotokka singer said he didn’t know whether he would make it out of the hospital alive.

He however got to know that he had been poisoned after thorough checkups.

It’s alleged that he could have taken the poison while in Gulu where he had gone to meet General Salim Saleh with other artistes.

Lil Pazzo was questioned whether this could have been due to being an ally of the former presidential candidate.

The singer said that he can’t rule this out too but his ties with Bobi Wine date way back to even before the Bada singer joined politics.

“I got to know that I was poisoned while in hospital after thorough check ups. I however don’t know how this came about. I could have been poisoned because am close to Bobi Wine but my ties with him date way back to even he joined politics.” Lil Pazzo said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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