Bad Black attacks Bebe Cool again over his “small animal”

Faded socialite Bad Black has attacked Gagamel boss Bebe Cool one more time over his manhood which she terms “Lwasa” (small).

It should be recalled that a few months ago the thigh vendor shocked the nation when she said that Bebe Cool once tried to date her.

She added that it was shortly after the Kasepiki singer had been shot and he couldn’t erect properly because the bullets had affected him.

Bad Black said that Bebe’s manhood was indeed small and could not rise to the occasion.

She made the comments after the singer had used her as an example at a University address advising students to live well within their means.

He cited the likes of Bad Black who squandered all their wealth and are now suffering.

She again this time took a dig at Bebe after the singer and his wife posted their swimming pics online.

The self proclaimed prostitute said that if Bebe hadn’t provoked her, he would be counted in people now.

“You see if you hadn’t provoked me, you would be counted among people. But let me keep quiet. Happy belated birthday. Silent majority.” Bad Black mocked the Big sized Bebe.

This was much to the anger of Gagamel fans who attacked her right away labeling her a whore and telling her to leave their darling singer alone.

Written by Aine Siggy

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