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Chris Evans not happy with Zanie Brown’s birthday message to him

Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi is not happy with how his crush fellow singer has Celebrated his birthday through a message.

Chris Evans says he doesn’t understand why Zanie calls his a brother yet they are in love.

“Naye Zanie, oba nkuswaza mbuulira. Why don’t u come out and tell the public what exactly is between us? Honestly nkooye. Nway ndi wano Ku Tavan woods waiting for ur gift.” Chris Evans posted.

Chris Evans has been crushing on Zanie Brown for the last three years and he said he will not give up on her until they are married.

Zanie Brown’s birthday message to Chris Evans.

“Happy birthday darling BROTHER!
May God’s grace reign spreme in your life.
Sending you good vibes all the way….
Please enjoy your day@ Chris Evans Kaweesi”

Written by Aine Siggy

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