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Look for competent lawyers before you sign contracts – Eddie Sendi advises artists

Media personality and entertainment analyst has advised Ugandan artists to look for competent lawyers before they sign any contract wether a good one or bad one.

This came after different artists like Bruno K and Nina Roz fell out with music label Black Market Records because of not understanding the contract they signed with them.

According to Sendi this is the only problem why Uganda’s music industry is still considered very backward compared to the neighboring countries because artists are too lazy to look for lawyers as they consider them as options.

Sendi advised every artist to have a very competent lawyer to avoid issues after signing a contract and this will help them grow very fast musically in order to compete internationally.

“In Uganda, there is one problem to why the entertainment industry is behind compared to our neighboring countries. I would like to advise artists to look or have competent lawyers on their team and this help them to sign contracts that will help them grow first and further.” Eddie Sendi said

Sendi went ahead and said artists should avoid signing long term contracts at least 1-2 years are always enough for a Ugandan artist because also these Record labels come with motives that are not very clear.

Written by Aine Siggy

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