Bad Black tells how Brian White paid for her sex services

Renowned thigh vendor while appearing in a local TV interview told of how faded socialite Brian White paid for her sex services.

Bad Black said that she was called by someone who told her that some rich man wanted to see her.

However on reaching there, she saw a slim man and thought he didn’t have the money.

The faded ex con said that Brian White started blowing his own trumpet and soon asked Bad Black to name her price.

She asked for 3000 dollars and the rest is history as it went down under the sheets.

” I was called by someone and on reaching there Brian White started sweet talking me about himself. He asked me my price and I told him that it’s $3000 and said he would pay in the morning. I declined and he paid and we had sex. He really liked it so much.” Bad Black said.

She added that after that the then money bags took her to Dubai where she continued to chew his money although never giving him sex again.

Bad Black also said that it was Brian White who bought her her first iPhone and even gave a car, a Mark II.

She however said that it could have been her family demons that got into Brian White leading him to bankruptcy after the sex.

Written by Aine Siggy

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