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Spice Diana and Barbie Kyagulanyi Stun in Birthday Photoshoot

As the celebrations of ghetto first lady Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi’s birthday just commenced, singer Spice Diana took to her social media pages to reveal that she’s the one behind Barbie’s latest fashion style.

The two took to a pre birthday photoshoot together and look so amazing.

“I can’t keep calm. It’s my Mula”s birthday Barbie Kyagulanyi, a role model to so many of us a true definition of women empowerment, so beautiful, loving and humble.” Spice Diana posted on her Instagram page.

The Kwata wano singer then revealed how she got a message one evening from Barbie asking for help in regards to clothing.

The singer said tht being a graduate of industrial fine arts, she’s only practiced the fashion on herself because of her music career.

She said that however she was delighted to see Barbie asking for help and felt like she’s the top fashion thing in the country.

“I have only practiced it on myself, because of my busy schedules with my music career, but fashion is something I love with my whole self and here she trusted me to advise her on a few things for her birthday photoshoot. At that moment I felt like I had been a fashion designer for the past 20 years, that night I slept with my eyes open waiting for the next day to start the preparations.” The singer revealed.

And my oh my the two ladies looked amazingly stunning and beautiful in the Photoshoot.

She concluded by wishing Barbie a beautiful birthday and for always believing in her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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