Sheila Gashumba reveals the best gift ever received from her dad

It’s no news that Frank Gashumba almost single handedly raised his daughter Sheila Gashumba to the woman she is as of today.

When they talk of single fathers, Frank Gashumba is one example that is usually brought up.

The businessman and political analyst made sure that he makes his daughter a priority.

Despite some of her short falls due to young age of course, one can ably say Frank succeeded in raising his daughter.

She’s also come to reveal one of the most precious gifts her father gave her.

Sheila says this was a phone and a computer at a tender age.

It’s from the skills obtained from these two gadgets that now enable her to make $20,000 dollars monthly just seated at home.

Forget about your parents flogging you like a market thief after finding you with a Nokia 1900 phone.

Sheila’s father introduced gadgets to her when she was still young knowing the future well.

Written by Aine Siggy

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