STV presenter Fifi Parker denies chewing her boss Sk Mbuga’s cassava

News has been making round how the gorgeous STV presenter Nuwamanya Phionah aka Fifi Parker is chewing her boss SK Mbuga.

The rumor had it that the two are inseparable and spend the cold nights warming each other under the sheets.

It was further reported that the socialite money bags had rented a mansion in Munyonyo for the Lunch play host.

This is all despite Mbuga being married to Vivienne Mbuga although the two are said to be on the verge of divorce.

Through her social media pages, Fifi said that she loves her boss on a work related basis because he’s a good employer.

“I had decided to stay silent about the ongoing propaganda about me and my boss but today let me make everything clear. I love SK Mbuga because he is such a different boss who makes every employee proud. He never bosses workers like how other CEOs do in their institutions. Why would I hate such a person.” She posted.

Despite her flowing beauty, no known man is to be grazing on her fields.

No one would really blame Mbuga if he poached on her

Written by Aine Siggy

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