Sheebah, Lydia Jazmine and Martha K give reason why they are single

Celebrities are people who are always in our eyes and their private life even at times become our affairs too.

For some time, fans have felt that some female celebrities have been on the scene for so long but don’t want to get married or even show off their men.

This is the case for singers Sheebah Karungi who is in her mid 30’s and Lydia Jazmine who just made 30 years.

Both don’t have any known man or in a relationship.

It seems like all of them have the same thing in common as the reason they are single.

Social media comedienne Martha Kay posted a post that Sheebah had earlier posted saying that sometimes the person you want is the one you’re are best without.

The comedienne said this is a fact for her and got replies from Lydia Jazmine and Sheebah all saying that it’s the same story with them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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