What??? Zuena shockingly reveals that Bebe Cool lasted 10 minutes and slept off

Any man is determined by the level of perseverance in all that they do and how long they can last.

Short of this, then this man doesn’t reserve the right to be called a man because he left his woman yearning for more.

And despite calling himself Big size, Gagamel chief Bebe Cool seems like he couldn’t last more than his wife Zuena expected .

This was during their recent trip at Chobe Safari lodge where they took a trip at Murchison falls during Bebe Cool’s birthday.

Zuena said that they decided to take the birthday boy for a cruise on Murchison falls.

And according to mummy Zue, there were a lot of both water and land animals they spotted while on the cruise.

The cruise lasted 2 hours but none of the males on the cruise lasted those two hours awake as they all fell asleep.

“The cruise that lasted 2hrs saw the birthday boy and the rest of the male species on the boat excited for the first 10 mins then all fell asleep.” Zuena posted on her Instagram page.

It was just her and female friend left awake.

She added that these taught them a lesson and next time they are going to do anything with water, this group will stay home.

Written by Aine Siggy

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